SCA Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship



In 2008, the Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA) and the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) jointly pursued the concept of an industry-led scholarship program to encourage graduation high school students to enter a career in the skilled trades. With SCA member contributions and administrative support provided by SATCC, forty $1,000 scholarships were awarded.

In 2011, the Minister of advanced Education, Employment and Immigration, Honorable Rob Norris initiated a government program designed to match industry's contribution to the scholarship fund. 

To date, the construction industry has raised over $500,000 for the fund.

Application: Students

Scholarships are awarded every June to selected, eligible high school graduates who have completed the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) program. To receive scholarship funds, students must, within two years of graduation, complete the first level of apprenticeship or complete one year of post-secondary training in a designated skilled trade.

To find out more about applying for the SYA fund, click here.

Industry Involvement: Contribute

You can get involved in the SYA-SATCC Scholarship program by making a contribution to the program fund, or by participating in the fundraising activities at the SCA's Annual Summer Meeting at Elk Ridge Resort. 

What are the benefits to my contribution?

  • Promotion of the construction industry as a first career choice to high school students
  • Opportunity for your company to name a scholarship with the minimum contribution of $10,000
  • Promotion of the SYA program to high school students and guidance counselors
  • Reduction of the average age of entry level apprentices into the skilled trades
  • Opportunity to recruit outstanding graduates to your company

Employers and industry associations interested in contributing to the SYA Scholarship Fund are encouraged to contact SATCC at 1-877-363-0536.

We would like to thank the following companies for their contributions to the scholarship fund:

SCA SYA Scholarship Contributors As of November 21, 2012
Eecol Electric Inc. $100,000.00
PCL Construction Management Inc. $100,000.00
Saskatchewan Government (Ministry of the Economy) $180,000.00
Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission $50,000.00
Merit Contractor Association Inc. Saskatchewan $20,000.00
Alliance Energy Ltd. $10,000.00
Christie Mechanical Ltd. $10,000.00
Peak Mechanical Ltd. $10,000.00
Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA) $30,000.00
Sun Electric (1975) Ltd. $10,000.00
Westridge Construction Ltd. $10,000.00
Gescan Ltd. $10,000.00
General Contractors Association of Saskatchewan $10,000.00
RNF Venture Ltd. $10,000.00
Wallace Construction Specialties Ltd. $10,000.00
Allan Construction $10,000.00
Prince Albert Construction Association $10,000.00
Sheet Metal Workers Local 296 Saskatchewan $10,000.00
Saskatchewan Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council $10,000.00
United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #179 $1,000.00
Moose Jaw Construction Association $10,000.00
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. $20,000.00
The Taylor Automotive Group $10,000.00
Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. $1,000.00
Thyssen Mining Construction of Canada Group $1,000.00
Canada West equipment Dealers Association $10,000.00
CAF-FCA Conference $2,000.00
Pagnotta Industries Inc. $1,000.00
All-Rite Plumbing and Heating Ltd. $1,000.00
Breck Scaffold Solutions (2009) $10,000.00
K&S Canada GP $10,000.00
Yara International ASA (Yara Belle Plaine Inc.) $3,000.00
Prairie Mines and Royalty Ltd. $10,000.00
W. Hunter Electric (2005) Ltd. $10,000.00
Husky Group Of Companies (Husky Energy Inc.) $10,000.00
Korpan Tractor and Parts $10,000.00
The Ministry of Economy committed to contributing $100,000 from 2012 - 2015