Company Policies

The following Index and attached documents are intended to support your company/business by providing documents or references that will assist you with your Human Resource needs.  You can edit the header of any of the documents by adding your company name/logo.  If you have a need for any particular document to support your business needs not found in the current index please contact the SCA and we will endeavor to provide you with the appropriate forms.

Templates and policies from this site are provided for members of the Saskatchewan Construction Association. Members may use the documents as is, or as a starting point for their own documents. The SCA assumes no responsibility for the enforcement or effectiveness of its templates and policies.

1.0 Finance and Administration

1.1 Direct Deposit Form - A Form used for registering employee for direct deposit with a void cheque.
1.2 Drivers Log Sheet - A Tracking form for employee mileage and vehicle usage.
1.3 Employee Equipment Loan Form - A form that outlines the guidelines and conditions for the loan of company equipment to employees or other trades.
1.4 Equipment Damage / Loss / Theft Report Form - A form to be filed by an employee to report damage, loss or theft to any company owned or operated equipment.
1.5 Letter to Retiree - A letter designed to inform a retiring employee of his/her responsibility to complete any required exit company documentation or forms. Plus a “Decision on Benefits Form”.
1.6 Monthly Employee Spreadsheet - A generic form that tracks employee's attendance on a spreadsheet. (In Excel format)
1.7 Overtime Authorization Form - A form for employee filing and approval prior to working overtime hours.
1.8 Payroll Procedures for New Hires - This letter outlines the timelines,
requirements and checklist for all new employees to complete for the payroll process.
1.9 Vacation Tracking Form - 12 Month Cycle - A spreadsheet for tracking employee vacation days by month.
1.10 Weekly Jobsite Detailed Time Sheet  - A form that records a groups individual employee's hours for a week. 
1.11 Employee Weekly Job Time Sheet - A detailed form that records an
individuals different types of working hours throughout the week. (In Excel format)
1.12 Work Order Form - A form for outlining client demographics and work requested.
1.13 Toolbox Meeting Agenda - A form that can be used set the agenda for construction site toolbox meeting.
1.14 Toolbox Meeting Minutes - A form that can be used to take minutes of construction site toolbox meetings.

2.0 Health and Saftey

2.1 Emergency Contact and Medical Information - A form to register employees confidentially with essential personnel and medical contact information.
2.2 Employee's Driver Abstract Approval Form - A form that the employee signs that gives the employer's insurance company permission to check their driving record.
2.3a Emergency Plan Guidelines - Documents to serve as a guide to develop emergency plans for a construction site, shop and office. 
2.4 New Employee Orientation - Safety Check List / Supervisor Section  - This form combines employee orientation with your company’s Safety Practices and Procedures plus a form for onsite supervisors.
2.5 Notice to Staff – WHMIS Training Requirement - A letter that indicates all employees are advised that Federal and Provincial legislation requires employers to protect their staff against the dangers associated with hazardous materials through the use of the Workplace Hazardous Materials System (WHMIS). A critical component of this legislation is the requirement for employee training regarding WHMIS.
2.6 SCSA Near Miss/Close Call Incident Report - A document created by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association for companies to use as a tool for employees reporting near miss accidents. Construction companies can use this form to review and if necessary improve their safety practices.

3.0 Conduct and Discipline

3.1 A Guide to Human Rights for Employers - A document from the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission that outlines hiring practices and the rights and responsibilities expected of an employer in the workplace by the commission.
3.2 Employment Discrimination and the Duty to Accommodate - A document from the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission that outlines the employer's legal responsibility to accommodate characteristics identified in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.
3.3 Employee Annual Review - A lengthy checklist of competencies and evaluation guides to support an employee review.
3.4 Saskatchewan Guide to Termination – A guide to help HR managers and Contractors to deal with company layoffs and terminations.
3.5 Progressive Discipline Policy – A guide to help HR Managers and Contractors set up a progressive Discipline Policy to allow employees the opportunity to correct any performance or behavioral problems that may arise.
3.6 Progressive Discipline Levels – A table that outlines required progressive discipline for common workplace issues.
3.7 Notice of Layoff Template – A form that can be used to as a layoff notice to employees.
3.8 Verbal Warning – Corrective Action Required – A form that identifies specific work performances and documents actions taken to correct performance.
3.9 Employee Departure Notification - A form that is intended to be sent by email to appropriate staff to facilitate employee departure procedures.
3.10 Termination Checklist – A checklist designed to act as a guide for termination.
3.11 Termination for Cause – Gross Misconduct – A form that is used in the termination of an employee for gross misconduct.
3.12 Termination for Cause – Inappropriate Conduct - A form that is used in the termination of an employee for inappropriate conduct.
3.13 Termination for Cause - Poor Performance - A form that is used in the termination of an employee for poor performance.
3.14 Full and Final Release – a document that can be used for an employee who is receiving a severance package from your company.

4.0 Employment

4.1 Performance Evaluation Check List  - An evaluation Tool that is a complete list of skills required for a successful career in construction.
4.2 Employment Record - A form that can be used to document an employee's employment, training and certification. - (Landscape Version)
4.3 Sample Reference Check - SCA Human Resource Toolkit p.41-42, 61-62 Module 2
4.3 Employment Application - A standard form that can be used for full or temporary employment applications.
4.4 Exit Interview Form - A form that can be used for departing employees, particularly if they resign their position.
4.4.1 Extending an Offer - SCA Human Resource Toolkit p. 46-47 Module 2
4.4.2 Inappropriate Interview Questions - SCA Human Resource Toolkit p. 39 Module 2
4.4.3 Interview Questions - SCA Human Resource Toolkit p. 59-60 Module 2
4.4.4 Interview Candidate Rating Template - SCA Human Resource Toolkit p. 52 Module 2
4.4.5 Interviewing to Access - Accomplishments - SCA Human Resource Toolkit p. 35-36 Module 2
4.5 New Employee Orientation Check List - An orientation
check list that is not as detailed as the New Employee Orientation Program List
4.6 New Employee Orientation Program List - A comprehensive list of ideas to consider to orientate new employees for a successful start to their construction career.
4.7 Phone Interview Template - A series of questions and considerations for phone interviews.
4.7.1 Offer of Employment Letter - SCA Human Resource Toolkit p. 63 Module 2
4.7.2 Sample Basic Phone Screen - SCA Human Resource Toolkit p. 56-58 Module 2
4.8 Employment Contract - A sample employment contract that outlines all conditions of employment
including: duration of contract, salary and benefits and employment performance.

5.0 Strategic Planning

5.1 Human Resources Business Planning Template - A tool to assist companies and their employees to achieve their work goals. 

6.0 SCA Documents

6.1 SCA Brochure - A construction career brochure used to promote interest in the construction industry.
6.2 SCA - SATCC Construction Career Pamphlet - A construction career six-page pamphlet promoting construction careers to Saskatchewan young people.
6.3 SCA Poster - A construction career poster designed to promote interest in the construction industry.

7.0 Starting a Career

7.1 Guide to Starting a Career in the Trades - A document offering insight to finding work as an apprentice.

8.0 Human Resources Toolkit

8.0 Human Resources Toolkit - A complete document that can be used by construction companies to recruit and retain high performing employees. Please read the Human Resource Binder Disclaimer here

9.0 SCA Human Resources

The material below is available from the SCA office, contact us at 525-0171 or email.

Human Resource Toolkit Power Point Presentation - This product is designed to work and enhance an understanding of the SCA Human Resources Toolkit

CSC Journey person – Apprentice Mentorship Program - These materials will provide skills to help the journey person mentor and retain their apprentices

Construction Career CD - A power point program that is used to introduce youth to the construction industry

Essential Skill Training - TOWES Testing - SCA HR coordinator provides opportunities for members to access essential skills training and is an accredited TOWES evaluator.

SCA Human Resources Committee - Twice a year H.R. specialists from SCA member companies meet using video conferencing technology to discuss construction industry HR practices. These meetings are great opportunities to network with fellow SCA - HR Specialists. If you are interested in attending these meetings, contact SCA at 306-525-0171.

SCA-SYA Industry Scholarship Program