• Summary Report from April 2017 SCA Board Meeting

    On Thursday, April 27, 2017, the SCA Board met in Regina at the Regina Trades and Skills Centre. The Board had a full agenda. Chaired by Board Chair Jason Duke, of CertaPro, the day was filled with interesting presentations and productive debate and discussion. A highlight of some of the discussion and decisions follows:

    • The SCA recently launched a new account management structure for member engagement. Under this structure, every SCA member is personally connected to one of the SCA staff. This staff point person – the account manager – is responsible for being the SCA’s lead contact in engaging with the individual member. Through email, phone, and in person discussions the staff person is responsible for getting to know the member’s business and working to support the growth and development of that business. The SCA’s account management work is progressing well. Member feedback to date has been positive and has primarily focused on the following issues: prompt payment; the slow economy; and strengthening business connections for members.

    • SCA has been active in leading the construction industry’s work on the PST file. Partnering with other industry leaders such as Merit Contractors and the Regina and Saskatoon Region Homebuilders, the SCA has been pushing for the provincial government to make sense of the changes and ensure a smooth transition for construction companies. The SCA hosted a PST webinar with MNP during Saskatchewan Construction Week in April. New, in person, sessions have been held in the first week of May in Regina and Saskatoon to provide members with the opportunity to engage directly with Ministry of Finance officials. Additionally, the SCA Board has asked for a summary of information to date to be sent to members in the May newsletter.

    • The primary reason for the existence of the SCA is to be the provincial voice of the construction industry in Saskatchewan with a focus on government lobbying. Lobbying is based on solid public policy work, and at its most recent meeting the SCA Board adopted a series of guiding principles to support the development of its public policy efforts. The guiding principles are:

    • The SCA supports public policy that expands Saskatchewan’s economic potential through improved infrastructure or investment attraction;
    • We support public policy that creates an environment favourable to development – whether new construction or renovation;
    • We support public policy that enables Saskatchewan businesses to compete on a fair playing field;
    • We support public policy that ensures businesses are treated with fairness when completing contracts;
    • We support programs that enable Saskatchewan youth to learn about, experience and enter skilled trades as a profession;
    • We oppose policies that shift cost burdens to private enterprise without cause; and
    • We oppose policies that threaten the investment attractiveness of Saskatchewan or Saskatchewan communities.

    • The SCA Board discussed concerns about the fact that SaskPower is working to implement the use of ISNet for all its construction and high-risk contract work. While ISNet may have its place, the SCA believes that SaskPower has yet to provide a reasonable case for how the adoption of ISNet is an appropriate response to the business challenges the Crown faces. The SCA will continue to work to protect the interests of the construction industry on this file.

    • Following a decision by the SCA Board, SCA Bylaw amendments will be presented to the membership at the next Annual General Meeting. The amendments will focus on cleaning up a few areas of the Bylaws that are no longer relevant.

    • The SCA Board met with their appointees to the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Trade Certification Commission (Drew Tiefenbach; Mike Berkes; and Blaine Braun) to discuss apprenticeship issues. The discussion focused on extending mandatory trade certification designations to other trades.

    • The SCA Board also met with their appointees to the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (Jason Davidson; and Mark Novocosky). The discussion focused on the upcoming governance changes expected at the SCSA.

    • The industry Advisory Council will be reviewing its mandate in the coming months and encourages feedback from associations and members on the appropriate mandate of the Council.

    • The SCA Board approved a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for signature. The MoA is between the SCA, CANet, and the local construction associations. The MoA outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various parties with respect to the deliver of online planroom services.

    • The SCA Board decided not to accept direct membership from heavy construction companies in the coming fiscal year. The Board also directed SCA staff to work together with LCA staff to develop a membership recruitment package and plan for heavy construction companies for the coming year.