• Statement on the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure License Plate Policy

    Regarding the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure announcement on license plate requirements for future Ministry projects, the Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA) is firmly committed to free trade that allows Saskatchewan businesses to grow and compete in other markets. As part of this commitment, we support all fair and open access trade policies. However, the key to successful trade policy is reciprocity.
    All parties in trade agreements have the right to be treated equally and to reasonably expect that no artificial barriers will be imposed. Trade agreements and access to markets are sustained by the opportunity to compete that they provide.
    In the spirit of both reciprocity and competition, the SCA believes in evidence-based policy and action. If there are artificial barriers in place in Alberta that cannot, for one reason or another, be duly removed then conditions like those introduced by the Ministry make sense.
    If Alberta can demonstrate that that these conditions are unnecessary, we expect the government would revisit their decision accordingly. The SCA looks forward to consulting with our members, the government and other stakeholders on the matter.