• Congratulations Premier-designate Moe!

    Two Moe Years (at least)
    The Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA) is pleased to congratulate Premier designate Scott Moe, who was elected on Saturday, January 27th to serve as the 3rd Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and the 15th Premier of Saskatchewan.
    SCA President Mark Cooper and Past-Chair Jason Duke spoke with the Premier designate to congratulate him on his new position. We look forward to working together with him to keep Saskatchewan growing and strong.

    Moe Promises
    Through the campaign, Moe promised to follow through with Prompt Payment
    legislation – a key priority for the SCA and our members. He also committed to rolling back PST on insurance, which will have direct and indirect benefits for Saskatchewan’s construction sector.
    Moe also promised a renewed focus on Saskatchewan exports and international trade markets, through an immediate re-tooling of the Ministry of Economy into a Ministry of International Trade and Exports. With an economy dependent on international trade for growth, this focus should bring renewed opportunity for economic expansion, investment, and consequently construction work.
    You can see a more extensive review of Moe’s campaign promises and priorities here.
    Moe the Man
    Scott Moe has served as the MLA for Rosthern-Shellbrook since he was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in the 2011 provincial election. He was re-elected in 2016.
    He was born and raised in the constituency, on a grain farm between Shellbrook and Parkside. Currently, Scott and his wife, Krista, live in Shellbrook with their two children. As a family, they enjoy many outdoor activities in what he describes as, “the irreplaceable landscape of Saskatchewan.”
    Moe holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from the University of
    Saskatchewan. In the community, he has been involved through work with the
    Economic Development Corporation, the Shellbrook and District Health Services Project, and the Shellbrook and District Physician Recruitment committee. He has also volunteered his time to local hockey and softball associations.
    In office, Moe has served in Cabinet as Minister of Advanced Education and twice as Minister of Environment. He has also been Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Water Corporation and Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency. Finally, he has served as a member of the legislature’s Standing Committee of  Crown and Central Agencies and was Deputy Chair of the legislature’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts.
    Moe left Cabinet to pursue the leadership of the Saskatchewan Party.
    Moe Means More
    What does the election of Scott Moe mean for Saskatchewan and for the Saskatchewan construction industry?
    Our initial reaction is that it means more of the same, which is – generally speaking – a good thing. Premier-designate Moe has made it clear that his focus will be on securing economic opportunities abroad for Saskatchewan producers. A focus on exports, if it is coupled with vertical economic diversification (i.e. developing more of the supply chain locally) and transportation infrastructure development, should mean more markets for Saskatchewan goods, more jobs for Saskatchewan people, and more work for Saskatchewan construction companies.
    Moe was supported by most of his caucus colleagues, and had particularly strong support from current and former Ministers from economic portfolios. This indicates he has the support needed to move his ideas forward. Additionally, most of Moe’s leadership competitors are supportive of him and his agenda, which means the SaskParty should quickly coalesce behind his leadership.
    For construction, we should not expect any large infusion of new infrastructure
    spending, as Moe has several other promises to follow through on and a commitment to balance the budget within a few years. However, long-promised Prompt Payment legislation should be passed in 2018. Meanwhile, the rollback of PST on insurance will stretch every dollar spent on construction, which should make it more attractive for investors gun shy from last year’s PST increase. Finally, we have a commitment from Premier-designate Moe to revisit that PST increase on construction services once the budget is balanced.
    Premier Moe will have a very different approach than Premier Wall. From the start of his campaign, Moe emphasized the value of teams. He is likely to be a more collaborative leader who seeks out and engages the opinions of others. This should provide opportunities for the construction industry to ensure our priorities are front and centre.
    While his style of leadership will likely be different from Premier Wall, his policies will likely be very similar – especially in the economic realm. In this case, Moe of the Same is just what we need.
    If you have any questions about what the election of Premier-designate Moe means for you, your company, or our province, feel free to contact Mark ( or John (