• Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant Governor delivers the Speech from the Throne

    On the first day of each new legislative session, Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant Governor delivers a Speech from the Throne outlining the government’s direction, priorities and goals. Today, Lieutenant Governor Thomas Molloy delivered his first Throne Speech since assuming the role on March 21, 2018.
    The big news for construction is that provincial ministry procurement will now be handled through a single window agency – centralized under SaskBuilds’ authority. This is good news for SCA members. We have long advocated for the central authority of SaskBuilds to be augmented so that we could make sure that procurement is handled consistently across all ministries. While the current extension does not include Crown procurement, Crowns are still expected to abide by the principles of Priority Saskatchewan, and we remain hopeful that future changes will see Crown procurement included in the single window too.
    Importantly, this will also allow the best procurement people and practices to set the example and agenda across provincial government purchasing. This will make working with the government easier and more predictable. The announcement included that Greg Lusk has now been officially appointed as Saskatchewan’s Chief Procurement Officer. Mr. Lusk is a friend to industry and to growing Saskatchewan content, and he believes in taking the simple approach to engaging with industry and asking what changes we want to see. We are excited to work with him in his new role.
    While there were some great moments in the speech, what we did not hear was mention of our top priority – prompt payment. Prompt payment is the right thing for Saskatchewan construction and Saskatchewan businesses. Prompt payment is nothing more than a guarantee that purchasers of construction services pay their bills in accordance with their agreed upon contract. It does not impose an arbitrary payment timeline or prevent parties to a contract from negotiating payment and invoicing terms.
    The Minister of Justice, Hon. Don Morgan, has confirmed that legislation will be introduced this fall and the SCA and Prompt Payment Saskatchewan, who have been working towards prompt payment legislation in Saskatchewan for over two years, will continue to push for progress on this vital priority.
    Additional highlights from the Throne Speech included:

    • Commitment to a balanced budget;
    • More incentives for oil and gas expansion;
    • Continued investment in technology and innovation; and
    • More money for road safety
    For more information on the Speech or its contents, please contact the SCA office and speak with John or Mark at 306-525-0171.