• Prompt payment legislation passed!

    May 2, 2019: Today the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan unanimously passed third reading of prompt payment legislation. Saskatchewan becomes the third province in Canada to pass a law protecting contractors against delayed payments. With a bit of speed in the development of regulations, we might actually become the first to have the law in force, but whether we do or not, today is a big day for Saskatchewan’s construction industry.
    This journey began three years ago with a large industry coalition that advanced the case for this legislation and won the support of both the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP. It isn’t easy to find things that both groups agree on, but we are glad they agree that contractors deserve to be paid for work they’ve completed.
    While the bill has passed, work will still continue on the development of the regulations. I hope that within the next five months or so, we will be ready to see the new prompt payment regime officially roll out.
    I want to thank my many colleagues and friends across Saskatchewan’s construction industry that worked tirelessly to see this happen. I want to thank the many MLAs that championed this cause. I want to thank the innumerable Saskatchewan contractors who waited and waited while we moved - slower than they would have preferred I know - to get this bill done.
    Like any bill, this one is imperfect. We will undoubtedly need to make amendments to adjust it in the next year or so. We also want to make sure the legislation applies too all parts of construction, without exception. However, today is a day for acknowledgment, celebration, and gratitude. Acknowledgment of the long road we traversed to get here, celebration of the accomplishment we achieve together, and gratitude to the women and men who made it possible.

    Mark Cooper, MBA, PMP

    President and CEO
    Saskatchewan Construction Association