1. Effective March 23, 2017, the PST rate is increased from 5% tp 6%. The transitional rules are outlined here for taxable goods, services and leases.
  2. Businesses providing services to Real Property.
  3. When do I apply PST? - as of April 1, prior to April 1, and contracts in transition.
  4. Information for Asphalt Paving Contractors & Suppliers of Asphalt Paving Mixtures.
  5. Information for Commercial Refrigeration Vendors and Contractors.
  6. Information for businesses providing Engineering, Geoscience and Architecture services.
  7. Information for Hardware and Building Supply Stores.
  8. Information for Industrial and Construction Equipment Dealers and Suppliers.
  9. Information for businesses operating in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan PST and Liquor Consumption Tax.
  10. Information for Manufacturers.
  11. Information on the Manufactured Cost of Goods produced for own Consumption.
  12. Information for the Mining Industry.
  13. Information for Non-Resident Real Property and Service Contractors.
  14. Information for Oil & Natural Gas Producers.
  15. Information for Petroleum Drilling & Well Servicing Contractors.
  16. Elimination of PST remission for Permanently Mounted Equipment.
  17. Information for Rental Businesses.
  18. Information for Businesses providing Repair and Installation Services.
  19. Information for Suppliers of Sand, Gravel, Crushed/Screen Bases and Decorative Rock.
  20. Information for Service Stations and Automotive Repair Shops.
  21. Information for Businesses Providing Services to Real Property.
  22. Information for Suppliers of Mobile, Modular and Ready-to-Move Homes.
  23. Information for Land Development and Residential and Commercial Construction Application of PST and Transition Rules.
  24. Information for Vendors of Extended Warrant Contracts and Maintenance Contracts.

Can't find the answer to your question?

The Ministry and the industry have formed an ad hoc committee to work on transition rules and manage details of the implementation. If you cannot find the answer to your concerns in the bulletins, contact the SCA to submit your query to the committee. 

Note: The SCA does not claim to be an expert in taxation. Any information we share is third party, and we suggest that you contact the Ministry of Finance directly for specific questions.