About Us

The Saskatchewan Construction Association (SKCA) is the strong provincial advocacy voice of Saskatchewan's dynamic construction industry. Few people realize just how important the construction industry is to the Saskatchewan economy.

Take a look at what value we brought to members in the last year here.

SKCA's approximately 1,000 member firms are involved in all aspects of this diverse industry. They carry out industrial, commercial, institutional, and heavy construction as well as build multi-unit residential complexes.


The issues SKCA deals with on a regular basis are numerous and include, but certainly are not limited to:


SKCA Strategic Plan

The SKCA is committed to providing consistent value to our members through all of our activities. Our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan outlines our commitment to our members through our strategic priorities: workforce development, communications, membership service and SKCA Operations; and our vision and mission statements. 

The SKCA provides collaborative and trusted leadership that sustains a prosperous construction industry and a better quality of life for the people of Saskatchewan.

We create extraordinary value for members through:

  • Providing industry leadership;
  • Encouraging investment in Saskatchewan;
  • Growing opportunities for members; and
  • Maintaining a sustainable organization

Values Statement
Our distinguishing values are the pursuit of:

  • Genuine collaboration and partnerships;
  • Consistent transparency and accountability;
  • Deep knowledge and strong networks; and
  • High standards of quality.

Guiding Principles
The SKCA’s Guiding Principles inform the association’s work and policy positions. Where the association lacks a formal policy to address a given issue or situation, these principles provide the test and frame of reference for understanding the direction the association will move in when developing a course of action or advocacy position. 

  • We support public policy that expands Saskatchewan’s economic potential through improved infrastructure or investment attraction;
  • We support public policy that creates an environment favorable to development – whether new construction or renovation;
  • We support public policy that enables Saskatchewan businesses to compete on a fair playing field;
  • We support public policy that ensure businesses are treated with fairness when completing contracts;
  • We support programs that enable Saskatchewan youth to learn about, experience and enter skilled trades as a profession;
  • We oppose policies that shift cost burdens to private enterprise without cause; and
  • We oppose policies that threaten the investment attractiveness of Saskatchewan or Saskatchewan communities.

Wise Investment

  • As an SKCA Member, your firm is committed to advancing the construction industry in the province.
  • Your annual membership in a local construction association integrated with the SKCA provides you with automatic membership in the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and is one of the best investments you will ever make.
  • The information and publications you will receive are well worth this investment in your local construction association each year.