• Saskatchewan's 2030 Growth Plan

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    On Thursday, November 14th, Premier Scott Moe unveiled the next Saskatchewan Growth Plan, “The Next Decade of Growth 2020-2030”.
    The growth plan sets ambitious targets for a Saskatchewan that planning to be nearly 20% larger in population by 2030. The Saskatchewan of 2030 will be:

    • More diverse – economically and population-wise;
    • More sustainable – economically and environmentally;
    • Better educated – with the training needed to succeed in the changing workplace;
    • More competitive – with a suite of tax, regulatory, and service tools to rival any neighbour;
    • More connected – with better infrastructure, and direct relationships with key markets for our exported goods and services;
    • More self-reliant – with an economy that focuses on value-added investments to our foundational industries; and
    • Fiscally strong – with less debt and healthier provincial surpluses.
    If the growth plan is fully realized by 2030, Saskatchewan will indeed be an even more remarkable place to call home.
    The depth and breadth of the ambition represented in the document is impressive. It is exactly the blueprint our economy has needed, and it could not have come at a better time. 
    The Government of Saskatchewan's full 2030 Growth Plan (62 pages) is available here.