• Welcome to 2020!

    January 7, 2020

    Welcome to 2020!

    My colleague Megan Jane strongly expressed her views on the turn of a new year when she said, “2019 was garbage. Bring on 2020!” Not only was it funny, but I think she captured how many of us felt last year.

    Thankfully, it is no longer “last year”. It’s 2020. A time for fresh starts.

    So, I say welcome to 2020!

    First, I want to welcome the individuals who are new to the SCA Board of Directors in 2020:

    • Brad Barber, Clearlite Glass, Saskatoon Construction Association;
    • John Boutin, Thorpe Industries, Prince Albert Construction Association;
    • Bryce Chelsberg, C&S Builders, Moose Jaw, Advisory Council Chair;
    • Brent Cherwinski, Wallace Construction, Regina Construction Association;
    • Duane Galloway, Graham Construction, Regina, Member-at-Large; and
    • Colin Olfert, Westridge Construction, Regina, Advisory Council Vice-Chair.

    Each of these individuals has committed to give their time and energy in service to our entire provincial membership and the construction industry as a whole. Most of them are also serving on at least one other Board, in addition to the time they must give to their regular work. It is no small task to serve on the SCA Board, and I hope all of our members are as grateful as I am for their time.
     I also want to welcome our next Board Vice-Chair, Shaun Cripps.

     Shaun previously served as the Prince Albert representative for the SCA Board. He was elected by the Board to serve as Vice-Chair for the 2020 year. Shaun is one of the owners of S&K Mechanical. Serving as Vice-Chair will mean an even bigger time commitment than Shaun has given to the SCA in the past.

     Thank you, Shaun, for taking on this responsibility. It will be great to work with you!

     Another Board member that deserves a welcome is our new Board Chairperson,   Miles  Dyck.

     Miles previously served as SCA Vice-Chair, and as a representative from the Regina   Construction Association. Miles is with Gang-Nail Trusses. Miles’ time commitment as Chairperson will be significant.

    Thank you, Miles, for assuming this leadership role. I look forward to seeing the things the SCA will accomplish under your leadership.

    Finally, I want to welcome you – all of our members – to join us for a brand-new networking event during Saskatchewan Construction Week (SCW) in 2020. On April 29th (SCW is April 27 to May 1) we will be hosting ConEx: The Builders Expo at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon.

    It is the first and only major Trade Show & Conference focused on non-residential construction in Saskatchewan.

    With more than 100 booths featuring new technologies and innovative products, ConEx will be THE place to learn about opportunities to increase your company’s edge when it comes to winning work and doing that work more efficiently and effectively.

    ConEx will also feature the components of our procurement day events that our members loved so much last year. We will have presentations from public and private sector owners (including Crown corporations, ministries, cities, developers, and more) about their upcoming projects. We will also have sessions on writing winning proposals and setting your business up for success in this new world of best value procurement.

    With professional development sessions delivered to support training requirements for architects and engineers, we expect a strong turnout of design consultants at ConEx.

    ConEx really will be the single best place in 2020 to build new business relationships. Our goal is to give you the best possible opportunities to: find new work; win that work; and deliver it better than you have before. If any of these things are part of your corporate New Years resolutions, then you’d better be at ConEx. See you there!


    Mark Cooper, MBA, PMP

    President and CEO
    Saskatchewan Construction Association