• Statement: President of the SCA, on PST on construction labour in Saskatchewan

    February 4, 2020


    Statement from Mark Cooper, President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association, on PST on construction labour in Saskatchewan

    “The Saskatchewan Construction Association has said from the outset that the expansion of the PST to include construction labour was bad for Saskatchewan. It is, in effect, a tax on growth. It makes Saskatchewan a less competitive place for investment, and it slows down construction spending at a time when it is very competitive price-wise to be building.
    We, and many other industry partners, have been delivering this message to the government consistently since the tax was introduced.
    However, we know the government has multiple priorities to juggle, including a commitment to balance the books, and this makes the removal of any tax challenging. 
    We applaud the efforts the provincial government has made to date, including rolling back the expansion on drilling and mining exploration, and we support SUMA’s call to remove the tax on all municipal projects. As this tax hurts investment across all sectors, and as the economy could benefit from further stimulus, we encourage the government to consider rolling back the PST expansion as soon as it can.
    Regarding the Saskatchewan NDP’s commitment today to roll back the PST on construction labour, we will wait and see what happens in the October election.”

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