• Saskatchewan Construction Association Calls on Municipalities and Private Industry to Build On

    April 2, 2020

    Saskatchewan Construction Association Calls

    on Municipalities and Private Industry to Build

    On, Urges Provincial and Federal Governments

    to Publicly Support Continuation 

    Mark Cooper, President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association, today released the following statement:

    “Last week’s news that the province designated construction as an allowable business during COVID-19 was welcome, and it was the correct decision. That said, over the past few days, I’ve heard from many members that are deeply concerned that municipal infrastructure and private industry projects are being delayed or shut down due to escalating pandemic fear. If this happens, it will be terrible for Saskatchewan’s economy, will be a major blow to the industry, and will hurt the 53,000 Saskatchewan construction workers and their families that depend on this income.
    Construction is a very safety-conscious industry with the most robust and well-defined practices for operating work sites to ensure maximum safety of its workers. The province and the Chief Medical Health Officer have determined that work on construction sites can continue so long as those sites can be operated safely and in compliance with all public health directives. In the non-residential construction world, nearly every site can be made reasonably safe, and contractors across the province are making all necessary adjustments to allow them to build on safely in the era of COVID-19. The SCA agrees 100 percent with the province’s decisions to date and our industry graciously appreciate the support of the Premier and the provincial government on this matter.
    Today I am calling on municipalities across Saskatchewan, as well as private industry, to continue with scheduled projects and to accelerate activity in the project pipeline by fast-tracking design and construction. To support this, we call on the federal government to lift conditions for municipal infrastructure funding and flow the money now as a means of economic development and stimulus vitally needed for Saskatchewan. Finally, I am asking the provincial government to send a clear and public signal that wherever possible, construction projects – whether federal, provincial, municipal, or private – should continue at pace.”


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