• SKCA outlines top priorities for upcoming provincial & municipal elections

    September 21, 2020


    Saskatchewan Construction Association outlines top priorities for upcoming provincial and municipal elections

    Regina, SK - Today, during a virtual news conference, the Saskatchewan Construction Association (SKCA) outlined its top priorities for the upcoming fall provincial and municipal elections in Saskatchewan. Mark Cooper, President and CEO of the SKCA, led the press conference on behalf of the province’s leading construction industry association. 

    “With the provincial election expected to kick off about a week from now and the municipal campaigns effectively underway, the SKCA wants to highlight and emphasize our organization’s top issues and what we will be looking for as the campaigns unfold,” said Cooper. “Over the past number of months the SKCA has been gathering feedback directly from our members, and there are four top priorities that have come out of those discussions.” 

    The SKCA's election priorities are:

    • Supporting Local – More of the construction opportunities in Saskatchewan need to go to local companies;
    • Get Prompt Payment Done – Ensuring local contractors get paid in a timely manner for work completed; 
    • Growing the Economy and Attracting Investment – Saskatchewan needs more economic activity; and
    • Best Value Procurement – Publicly funded projects should adopt best value procurement practices across the board, to ensure the best possible return on investment for the Saskatchewan taxpayer. 

    “We heard very clearly from our members that these are the top priorities for them,” said Cooper. “Now, as we move into the election campaign, we are calling on all party leaders and candidates to commit to act on these top four priorities and support Saskatchewan’s construction industry.”

    Cooper said that the SKCA will be actively engaging in social media and letter-writing campaigns in order to advocate for these priorities. Provincial political parties, as well as each candidate running in the election, will be sent direct letters asking for commitment to the SKCA’s priorities, and SKCA members will be ready to advocate for the priorities on their own doorstep.

    “While digital is increasingly becoming a huge part of advocacy efforts - especially during COVID - we know candidates are going to be door knocking every day and night this fall,” said Cooper. “Our members will be ready to raise and discuss these top priorities when candidates come by their homes, and I’m optimistic that there will be some encouraging discussion on these issues.”

    Cooper made it very clear that the SKCA does not plan to officially endorse certain parties or candidates, but he said the SKCA could acknowledge its support if certain parties make announcements or commitments that align with the SKCA’s priorities.

    “Ultimately, this is about ensuring that our organization’s top priorities - supporting local companies and contractors, getting prompt payment done, growing our economy, and getting best value procurement - are getting the attention and focus that we believe they deserve,” said Cooper. 


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