• Get Prompt Payment Done: Make sure YOU get paid in a timely manner for work completed

    This is the second in a series of blog posts during the 2020 election season. Our goal is to make sure that the issues that matter most to you are front and centre on the agenda for the next governments in our province and our communities. In this post, I will focus on prompt payment legislation. View last week’s blog post on ‘Support Local’ here.

    By far, the number one issue for construction companies over the last few years has been getting paid for work in a timely manner. The whole industry came together to lobby for a simple legislative fix – creating Prompt Payment legislation to ensure contractors are paid in a timely manner and that they have easy-to-use and low-cost remedies when they aren’t paid promptly.

    In the Spring of 2019, the provincial legislature unanimously passed this ground-breaking legislation. Prompt Payment legislation should help ensure that construction companies are paid promptly for work they’ve properly completed. No more waiting months and months while hoping to get paid.

    Now, we need the legislation to come into force. It needs to officially become law. When it does, companies will know they’ll get paid in a timely manner, which lets them invest in growing their own businesses – adding new jobs and pursuing new work. It’s good for everyone in construction, not just the contractors.

    Just as importantly, we need to make sure that the law applies to all construction jobs in Saskatchewan, not just some. We also want to make sure that everyone involved in the design and construction industries have access to this legislation.

    While we expect the legislation to finally come into force before the 2021 construction season gets underway, right now it looks like it will be done with some exemptions –

    Architects and Engineers, although vital parts of the design/construction continuum, were left out of the legislation. SaskPower was granted an exemption for all of its electrical grid work. Highways work has always been exempt. The mining sector also received a blanket exemption – a very questionable decision given some of the payment practices in that sector.

    Our industry fought really hard to make sure that the residential sector wouldn’t get an exemption, and we were so glad to see that they won’t, but the fight isn’t done yet.

    For that reason, we are calling on candidates running to be an MLA to commit to:

    • Bringing Prompt Payment legislation in to force by no later than April 1, 2021; and
    • Removing all exemptions to Prompt Payment, ensuring that everyone in design and construction can expect to be paid promptly for work they’ve done properly.

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