• Best Value Procurement: Publicly Funded Projects Should Ensure the Best Possible ROI for Taxpayers

    This is the fourth and final post in a series of blog posts during the 2020 election season. Our goal is to make sure that the issues that matter most to you are front and centre on the agenda for the next governments in our province and our communities. In this post, I will focus on best value procurement. View previous blog posts here.

    Saskatchewan has recently shown great leadership with SaskBuilds moving to a best value procurement model.

    Procurement is the process that is used by governments to buy goods and services like construction. Today these processes are often very different from one government agency to the next, and they can be very confusing and challenging for construction companies to sort through. While the provincial government has been highly focused on improving this, there is still lots of room for improvement when it comes to: Crown corporations; school boards; the health region; post-secondary institutions; and especially all the municipalities.

    Our principle is simple: all agencies funded by taxpayer dollars should be required to have procurement practices that are consistent, transparent, best-value based, and that support local vendors.

    When that happens, it is easier for companies to navigate processes, which means they can bid on more jobs, win more work, and keep growing. All of this can happen while the taxpayers themselves are getting better value from processes that are simple, transferable, and repeatable.

    To get there, we are asking all candidates to be MLAs to support:

    • Mandating that any taxpayer funded or supported organization must adopt procurement practices consistent with those established by SaskBuilds;
    • Supporting the training of industry and other public organizations to ensure that good procurement practices are well understood and adopted consistently; and
    • Establishing an accountability function that enables the raising and addressing of concerns about procurement practices for all public agencies in Saskatchewan so that these practices can be continually refined and improved.
    Getting the procurement practices consistent across all public agencies is necessary, but it isn’t sufficient. To really unlock the opportunity that Best Value procurement presents, the focus needs to include supporting local, as we have explored in my previous blog post here.

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