• Happy New Year from the SKCA!

    January 15, 2021

    Hi everyone! Mark Cooper from the Saskatchewan Construction Association here. Happy New Year, and welcome back to my monthly update. 
    In today’s update I want to recap last year’s successes, talk about our plans to serve you in 2021, and close out with an idea on how you can support our work on your behalf.
    While 2020 was, in almost every way imaginable, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year, your provincial association still managed to accomplish some big things for you:
    • At the height of the initial pandemic, we were there with our Expert Taskforce to answer your questions and help you navigate that scary time;

    • Our lobbying efforts and public relations campaigns with partners kept construction sites open through the whole pandemic, which has not been the case in other provinces;

    • We helped secure new government funding supports and program;

    • Prompt Payment regulations were released, and we fought off the potential exemption for the residential sector, making sure that all contractors will be protected by this most important new law; and

    • We’ve pushed a strong message of supporting local vendors. Our efforts have encouraged government to do whatever they can - within trade agreements – to support local contractors through their procurement work.

    While 2020 was tough, it was still a successful year. 
    So, what does 2021 have in store for your association as we continue to serve you?
    • Prompt Payment will be coming into force this year, which will make Saskatchewan only the second province in Canada with this legal protection for contractors;

    • We’re going to strengthen relationships with design consultants and public and private sector owners, to make sure that our members have access to the best and most timely information about upcoming projects, procurement plans, and how to find and win more work;

    • We’ll keep making public procurement processes better, by ensuring that you have more input into the procurement process and that more work flows to companies like yours;

    • We’re launching Saskatchewan’s first-ever online vendor engagement tool, that will enable you to connect directly with procurement officials and other contractors who you might want to bid to, and showcase your company; and

    • We’ll launch a series of virtual sessions where you will be able to hear more about future infrastructure plans and speak directly, one-on-one, with the procurement decision makers across the public and private sector.
    Our goal for 2021 is to deliver to you the greatest value possible for your membership.
    So If you see value in the work we do on your behalf, I’d like you to consider becoming either a Supporter or a Champion of our association this year through sponsorship.
    Like many of your businesses, we’ve had to completely re-vamp our operations to be able to continue to do our work. We are an industry-led not-for-profit association and our purpose of building strong members, a more vibrant industry, and a better Saskatchewan is only possible because of the support of companies like yours. 
    Details on ways that you can support the association this year through sponsorship can be found below. 
    Thank you for taking time to consider this.
    Wishing each of you the very best that 2021 can offer. May we all have the great pleasure of seeing each other in person soon. 
    Until then, Take care and stay safe.

    Mark Cooper, MBA, PMP

    President and CEO
    Saskatchewan Construction Association


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