• Digital SKCA Membership Roster coming soon!

    By now, all active SKCA members should have received their hard copy of the SKCA Membership Roster & Buyer's Guide in the mail.

    If you did not receive a copy, or would like to purchase additional copies, contact us

    We're pleased to announce that our Roster will be GOING DIGITAL and bringing you a whole lot more value than ever before... 

    SupplierLink Saskatchewan is our homegrown, automated vendor engagement system, and it will now feature a complimentary basic listing for all members.


    What will this mean for my company?

    Once implemented, SKCA members will receive an enhanced value of their presence in our roster immediately. Scopes of work you have selected that reside in our existing roster, as well as primary contact information, will be displayed in the system. 

    Looking for more? Members can reap the benefits of a robust, searchable profile, with unlimited users, showcasing your company in ways that were never possible with the old roster. 


    Will I be charged for this change?

    No. This basic listing is 100% complimentary for SKCA members and any current trade listings (including additional paid ones) will be visible at no extra cost. 

    Optional Upgrade: For $29/yr (the same cost of two additional trade listings in our soon-to-be-replaced roster), you will now receive substantially more value by gaining access to complete a full profile, with no parts of the profile off limits, including externally sourced data. Benefits include: 

    • Unlimited opportunities to feature projects that your company has completed, along with references who can speak to your abilities.

    • List an unlimited number of work scopes (no longer charged per additional trade listing!) 

    • Access to the SKCA supplier directory (Your company can be found in a supplier search too!)

    • View Buyer / Infrastructure Owner contact card.

    • Receive connection notifications from Buyers and Infrastructure Owners (ability to accept with a full License.) 

    • Unlimited ability to showcase all areas in Saskatchewan that you're willing to work. 

    • Display of COR/SECOR with automated validation, safety performance, workforce demographics, and more! 

    Bottom line? This is the best business decision to invest in this year.

    Watch your inbox for an exclusive SKCA registration link.

    To enjoy the full suite of benefits that SupplierLink Saskatchewan offers, members can simply purchase a Supplier or Buyer License

    More information on what these include is available here


    That's a lot of benefits, why should I upgrade to a full License?

    Only with a License can your company request or accept connections with other Suppliers or Buyers. 

    Start building relationships with Owners and Buyers for as little as $26/mo with a Supplier License.  


    Can I opt out?

    Yes, however please note that your information is already accessible to members today by logging into the member section of our website.

    SupplierLink Saskatchewan is simply a more efficient platform to get found by buyers of construction services, as well as other members.

    "There's no industry tool like this in Saskatchewan, and certainly none in North America at this price. Your construction network has worked hard to custom-build a tool that is both effective and affordable in helping members showcase what really matters to infrastructure owners looking to hire." - Mark Cooper, CEO, Saskatchewan Construction Association