Advisory Council

The SCA Advisory Council is the only pan-industry construction and trade voice in the province. It brings together the associations representing every major trade group and ensures the industry is aware of issues and working in concert on public policy and industry-specific concerns.
The Advisory Council works by consensus decision-making and policy detail awareness to provide leadership in driving industry priorities. From tackling national trade tariffs to addressing WCB concerns, the advisory council provides support to its membership by pooling resources and amplifying advocacy messages.

SCA Advisory Council Terms of Reference
Advisory Council Executive

Ryan Leech, Chair
Masonry Institute of Saskatchewan
Brxton Masonry Inc.
Matt Walker, Vice-Chair
Concrete Sask
Lehigh Cement
Rob Istace, Past Chair

Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan
Alliance Energy Ltd.
Council Membership List
Canadian Construction Association
President: Mary Van Buren
1900 - 275 Slater Street
Ottawa ON  K1P 5H9
P: (613) 236-9455
F: (613) 236-9526
AC Rep: Sam Shaw, C & S Builders
Saskatchewan Construction Association
President: Mark Cooper
320 Gardiner Park Court
Regina SK  S4V 1R9
P: (306) 525-0171
Moose Jaw Construction Association
President: Rob Walchuk
610 1st Ave NW
Moose Jaw SK  S6H 3M6
P: (306) 693-1232
F: (306) 694-1766
AC Rep: Kerry DePape, R.L. Cushing Millwork Co. Ltd.
Prince Albert Construction Association
Office Manager: Caroline Bendig
70 17th St W
Prince Albert SK  S6V 3X3
P: (306) 764-2789
F: (306) 764-3443
AC Rep: Ryan Court, Asiil Enterprises Ltd., Electrical Contractors
Regina Construction Association
Executive Director: Brenda Braaten
1935 Elphinstone St
Regina SK  S4T 3N3    
P: (306) 791-7422
F: (306) 565-2840
AC Rep: Brent Cherwinski, Wallace Construction Specialties Ltd.
Saskatoon Construction Association
Executive Director: Deb Labersweiler
532 2nd Ave N
Saskatoon SK  S7K 2C5
P: (306) 653-1771
F: (306) 653-3515
AC Rep: Brad Barber, Clearlite Glass Ltd.
Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Saskatchewan
Executive Director: Beverly MacLeod
12 – 2010 7th Ave
Regina SK  S4R 1C2
P: (306) 359-3338
F: (306) 522-5325
AC Rep: Tom Williams, Walker Projects Inc.
Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan
Executive Director: Doug Folk
320 Gardiner Park Court
Regina, SK  S4V 1R9
P: (306) 525-0171
F: (306) 347-8595
AC Rep: Rob Istace, Alliance Energy Ltd.
General Contractors Association of Saskatchewan
Executive Director: Hilda Szabo
532 2nd Ave N
Saskatoon SK  S7K 2C5
P: (306) 373-8210
F: (306) 373-8211
AC Rep: Colin Olfert, Westridge Construction Ltd.
Glass Dealers Association of Saskatchewan
Executive Director: Fredy McDougall
805 51st Street E
Saskatoon SK  S7K 0X7
P: (306) 222-6778
F: (306) 934-4552
AC Rep: Carroll Pelletier, Tierdon Glass Ltd.
Lloydminster Construction Association
Executive Director: Dorothy Carson
4419 52nd Ave
Lloydminster AB  T9V 0Y8
P: (780) 875-8875
F: (780) 875-8874
AC Rep: Sheldon Servold, Bob Jack's Sheet Metal Ltd.
Mechanical Contractors Association
Executive Director: Carolyn Bagnell
105 – 2750 Faithfull Ave
Saskatoon SK  S7K 6M6
P: (306) 664-2154
F: (306) 653-7233
AC Rep: Ryan Tynning, Swift Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
Merit Contractors Association Inc. Saskatchewan
Executive Director: Karen Low
102 – 70 17th St W
Prince Albert SK  S6V 3X3
P: (306) 764-4380
F: (306) 764-4390
AC Rep: Brent Timmerman, TECH Electric Ltd.

Saskatchewan Association of Architects
Staff Rep: Whitney Robson
200 – 642 Broadway Ave
Saskatoon SK  S7N 1A9
P: (306) 242-0733
F: (306) 664-2598
AC Rep: James Youck, P3 Architecture Partnership
Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association Inc.
President: Collin Pullar
498 Henderson Dr
Regina SK  S4N 6E3
P: (306) 525-0175
AC Rep: Jason Davidson, PCL Construction Management Inc
Saskatchewan Masonry Institute Inc.
Office Administrator: Kathy Beznoska
532 2nd Ave N
Saskatoon SK  S7K 2C5
P: (306) 665-0622
F: (306) 665-0621
AC Rep:  Ryan Leech, Brxton Masonry Inc
Concrete Sask
Executive Director: Ashley Campbell
101-1102 8th Avenue
Regina SK  S4R 1C9
P: (306) 757-2788
F: (306) 546-3477
AC Rep: Matt Walker, Inland Concrete, Div of Lehigh Hanson Materials Ltd.
Saskatchewan Roofing Contractors Association
Executive Director: Sharon Thom
2059 Arthur St.
Regina SK  S4T 4W9
P: (306) 721-8020
F: (306) 721-8021
AC Rep: Brad Duncan, Duncan Roofing Ltd.
Saskatchewan Wall & Ceiling Bureau Inc.
532 2nd Ave N
Saskatoon SK  S7K 2C5
P: (306) 359-3282
F: (306) 569-0260
AC Rep: Curtis Kincaid, Kincaid Interiors Ltd.
Consulting Associations

Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification
Executive Director: Jeff Ritter
2140 Hamilton Street
Regina, SK   S4P 2E3
P: (306) 787-2444
F: (306) 787-5105
AC Rep: Drew Tiefenbach, Alliance Energy Ltd.
Saskatchewan Bid Depository Inc.
Executive Director: Deb Labersweiler
532 2nd Ave N
Saskatoon SK  S7K 2C5
P: (306) 653-1771
F: (306) 653-3515

Other Industry Associations

North Battleford Construction Association
Plans: Heather Guthrie
Box 1000
North Battleford SK, S9A 3E6
P: (306) 445-6226
F: (306) 446-0188
AC Rep: Brian Silvester, Silvester Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd.

Updated March 2018