Welcome to WE BUILD

In April 2014, the SCA launched their official publication, We Build.

This magazine is a great step forward in reaching our members and expanding our communications in the province. It showcases our association and 
our industry, and brings together a diversity of views and opinions into one voice, the voice of Saskatchewan's construction industry.

This magazine is sent to all 1,300 members of the SCA, Federal Members of Parliament, provincial representatives including MLAs, Minister and Deputy Ministers, City 
Managers, Mayors and councillors. It is also sent to companies that do business with construction companies, including the hospitality industry.

You can read the latest issue here:
The next issue of We Build will be published in Summer 2017.


Issue 3 - Fall 2019
Change and Innovation

Issue 2 - Summer 2019

Issue 1 - Spring 2019


Issue 4 - Winter 2018
Looking Forward, Looking Back

Issue 3 - Fall 2018

Issue 2 - Summer 2018

Issue 1 - Spring 2018
Change and Innovation


Issue 4 - Winter 2017
The Politics Issue

Issue 3 - Fall 2017
The Business Issue

Issue 2 - Summer 2017
The Upcoming Generation

Issue 1 - Spring 2017
Saskatchewan Construction Week

If you are interested in advertising in WeBuild, please contact Dayna Oulion at Del Communications at 1-866-424-6398, or dayna@delcommunications.com. The ratecard is available here.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact sca@scaonline.ca.