How To Join

The Saskatchewan Construction Association membership is integrated with our local associations. When you become a member of your local construction association, you become a member of the Saskatchewan Construction Association. Contact the local association nearest you:

Saskatoon Construction Association

532 - 2nd Avenue North

Saskatoon SK S7K 2C5

Tel: (306) 653-1771


Regina Construction Association
1935 Elphinstone Street
Regina SK S4T 3N3
Tel: (306) 791-7422
Prince Albert Construction Association
70 - 17th Street West
Prince Albert SK S6V 3X3
Tel: (306) 764-2789

Moose Jaw Construction Association

Tel: (306) 693-1232




Membership Categories from collective Member Associations

Full Membership:

Any individual, firm, or corporation that is active in the construction industry in Saskatchewan and is primarily engaged in general contracting, sub-contracting, the manufacture and installation, or supply and installation of construction material or equipment.

Full members pay the full-integrated fee. Full members have all rights and privileges including voting and ability to sit on the Board of Directors.

Affiliate Membership:

Where a Full Member has obtained membership in more than one association with which the SKCA has an integrated membership agreement, that Full Member shall designate one association as their primary, through which their Full Membership is retained. All other memberships for which that Full Member is eligible in the SKCA shall be designated as Affiliate.

Associate Membership:

Any individual, firm, corporation, association, or organized body engaged in, allied to, or having an interest in the construction industry in Saskatchewan, and that does not qualify as a Full Member may be eligible to be an Associate Member.

An example of a member that would fit into this category is: a hotel, accounting firm, law firm, government agencies or insurance companies.