• Latest Labour Market and Building Permit Reports Now Available

    Labour Market Report

    After a bad start to the year, employment bounced back in March but it was a pretty weak bounce with a modest 0.3% year-over-year increase in the number of jobs. First-quarter employment is down 0.3% from 2017 Q1.
    Construction was one of the sectors that contributed to the improved showing. Counting heavy construction and both the residential and non-residential building sectors, employment in March was 45,200 which is effectively the same as it was in March 2017. In the first quarter, construction employment is down 2.8% because of the poor performance earlier in the year.

    Read the full March 2018 Labour Market Report.

    Building Permits Report

    The value of building permits issued by local governments is a “leading indicator” for construction activity over the next six to twelve months. The value of residential and non-residential permits issued in February 2018 was $78 million. Even accounting for the fact that February is typically a slow month this is a particularly low value; permits were up down 53% from February a year ago.
    The lower level of activity is evident in both the residential and non-residential sectors. Non-residential permits were down 65% from February 2017 to $37.6 million whereas the value of residential permits fell by 30.8% to $40.1 million.

    Read the full February 2018 Building Permits Report.

    These reports were prepared for the SCA by the Sask Trends Monitor.