• Join Us to Ask Government to Support Local Today

    This month we’re asking members to engage with us to make sure that Saskatchewan construction work – designed to stimulate the local economy – goes to Saskatchewan companies wherever possible. 

    ACTION – If you agree that more publicly funded work should be awarded to local contractors, use our automated letter writing tool to write your MLA today. The letter will also go to the Premier and to Minister Reiter, the Minister responsible for overseeing this work. Sending the letter will take you two minutes here:

    You might have seen in the news lately that our neighbouring provinces are putting pressure on the Saskatchewan Government to stop supporting Saskatchewan companies.

    Let me be clear: Ordinarily, we fully support interprovincial trade and the benefits it provides to us all, but we are not living in ordinary times.

    The hundreds of millions of dollars spent on infrastructure is spread throughout Saskatchewan when that work is completed using local companies, paying local taxes, and hiring local labour. This pandemic has changed the world and rocked our economy like never before. Now is the time that the Government must refocus its infrastructure investment to maximize the potential stimulus to the Saskatchewan people and our economy. 

    Economists show that when $1 dollar is invested in local infrastructure there is an economic return greater than this investment. The same research clearly demonstrates that the economic return is much greater still when the investment is made through local companies. The best way for our governments to turn $1 into nearly $3 is to spend infrastructure money with local companies. New jobs, tax revenue, citizens, homes, businesses…these are all the things, and more, that we get when governments support local.

    We have sent letters to every single Saskatchewan municipality and they are responding. At the very same time that governments are asking people to support local businesses, our governments must do the same. Help us to send this message by sending your letter.

    In the link below this video, you can access our automated letter writing tool. Simply plug in your information, and the letter will personalize itself with your details, and send it off to your MLA, the Premier, and Minister Reiter. The more voices that government hears about supporting local, the stronger our message becomes. 

    Send your letter today.


    Mark Cooper, MBA, PMP

    President and CEO
    Saskatchewan Construction Association