• Construction Associations Lean-in Approach

    Introducing Lean In!

    In the pursuit of continuous improvements aimed at minimizing costs and maximizing value for members we are pleased to introduce “Lean In” and the Executive Leadership Team who participate.

    Regardless of which construction association you are affiliated with, we exist to serve you, and we are pleased to announce that your construction network is taking a new approach to our integrated partnership in order to deliver the highest possible value to our members.

    The CEOs of each construction association have banded together to form an Executive Leadership Team (ELT) for the entire province, allowing the collective staff teams to share their specialized skill sets across the board. You will not notice any disruption in service, but you should notice some differences designed to make your membership benefits seamless and more efficient.

    The ELT will now be jointly responsible for operations and membership recruitment, retention, and engagement. Additionally, each ELT member has been tasked with the following portfolios of work that best match their skillsets, team strengths, and passions:

    • Advocacy will be led by Mark Cooper, it includes responsibility for political engagement at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels, regular connection with senior elected and bureaucratic officials; ongoing engagement with other groups within and outside the industry to advance the interests of the members; the reporting of economic and labour data; and the shaping of public awareness and perception on issues of importance to members.
    • Marketing and Communications will be led by Mark Cooper and includes responsibility for all internal and external marketing communications delivered by all Associations.  This portfolio also has responsibility for advancing the brands of the Associations.
    • Education will be led by Shannon Friesen, and includes oversight of training, education, webinars, information sessions for all Associations in the integrated partnership.
    • Events will be led by Shannon Friesen, and includes provincial oversight of event planning and coordination across all associations.
    • Technology will be led by Kevin Dureau, and includes oversight of the BuildWorks, pre-and-post bid results, procurement market reporting, databases, and technology platforms across all Associations.
    • Non-dues revenue will be led by Kevin Dureau, the intent of which is to supplement revenue to mitigate membership fee increases. Includes oversight for advertising, sponsorship, affinity programs, and so on.

    May this joint letter be the first of many steps showcasing how our revived approach to service is coming together for the betterment of industry, and your bottom line.

    With sincere gratitude (and a lot of excitement for what is yet to come!)
    Mark, Shannon, and Kevin

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    Mark Cooper
    President & CEO
    Saskatchewan Construction Association
    Shannon Friesen
    Executive Director
    Saskatoon Construction Association
    Kevin Dureau
    Executive Director
    Regina Construction Association