• City of Regina Implementing SupplierLink

    We are pleased to announce that in the new year, the City of Regina (the City) will be fully implementing the SupplierLink platform for vendor information management in procurement.

    Through the partnership with the Saskatchewan Construction Association and the Local Construction associations, including the RCA, the SupplierLink team has been working with the City on their vendor engagement and procurement systems with the long-term aim to simplify and streamline the procurement process for vendors.

    The City will be able to better engage with vendors and have real-time access to important vendor documentation, all housed in one system, reducing the frequent and repeated requests to vendors for information. SupplierLink will help the City to manage records on vendor selection, vendor performance and project history.

    For vendors, SupplierLink will help you establish a work history with owners, track projects you have bid on, standardize on documentation, gain exposure to a greater set of buyers, market your business and build a profile to showcase your unique capabilities.

    The SKCA has worked hard to provision this tool for our membership to help ease the challenges often encountered in procurement and the pursuit of opportunities. SupplierLink will be implemented beyond construction and will aid our association in its provision of services to members and advocacy for improvements for industry.

    To ensure the system works to the benefit of all stakeholders, the City will be requiring the use of SupplierLink by all procurement staff and require the registration of all Vendors.
    The SKCA and City of Regina encourage you to register ( your company with SupplierLink SK today.

    What is the SupplierLink Saskatchewan Initiative?

    SupplierLink Saskatchewan started as a Saskatchewan Construction Association initiative to address challenges its members had with the myriad procurement systems they are forced to keep up to date. It became apparent that other industry sectors had similar challenges and the initiative has grown to include the Saskatchewan Industrial Mining Suppliers Association, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan, the Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan, Concrete Sask, and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. The initiative continues to grow and will soon include associations representing additional sectors of the Saskatchewan economy.

    What is the SupplierLink Platform?

    SupplierLink Saskatchewan is a vendor engagement software platform developed by the Saskatchewan Construction Association in consultation with industry, government and the design community. SupplierLink provides vendors and suppliers with a platform to privately share accurate information to buyers of construction and other goods and services. It improves the confidence of buyers by provisioning information sourced from third party entities such as the Saskatchewan First Nation Natural Resource Centre of Excellence. This also reduces the efforts of vendors and suppliers by reducing the information required to complete their private profile data.

    For more information or to discuss further please contact:
    Ryan Fredrickson
    Provincial Director of Advocacy & Procurement
    Saskatoon Construction Association
    Tel: 306.653.1771