• Government of Saskatchewan Throne Speech

    What is a “Throne Speech”?  

    A "Throne Speech" is a statement by the province's leader at the beginning of a legislative session, presenting the government's plans and priorities for the term. 

    Associations' response to the Throne Speech: 

    The Construction Association celebrates the Government of Saskatchewan’s continued commitment to developing our communities and the infrastructure required to support those communities and the complex needs of our society. 


    In addition, the implementation of a new Saskatchewan Jobs Plan is important for our industry as we continue to address a variety of needs surrounding our workforce and attract individuals to construction with an emphasis on immigration, youth, and women in construction. 


    Under the Saskatchewan Jobs Plan the Government of Saskatchewan has committed to recruiting, training and retaining a highly skilled workforce, ensuring strong growth in the province’s economy, in addition to creating new job opportunities and careers for Saskatchewan people – preparing the workforce of the future; Our Advocacy team will work closely with the government to identify the unlimited career opportunities in the construction industry. Through our school systems for our province's youth. 


    The throne speech was concluded by saying “It means more hospitals; more schools and more highways have been built right here in Saskatchewan. And it means there is so much more to be built in the years ahead.” 


    We recognize that many of these projects included in the Throne Speech are active for our industry, the Construction Association is committed to working with our government partners and encouraging continuous and sustainable investment to address the needs of the people of Saskatchewan. We will continue to monitor and review the Government's commitment to our industry on an ongoing basis – we look forward to the Government new initiative and monetary commitments in upcoming budget! 

    View the full press release HERE.

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    Shannon Friesen & Kevin Dureau - CEOs